music when the lights go out

if I could have any hairstyle in the world...

...(and considering that my bezzie-mate has already nicked Florence's superhero locks)...

...I would like

But with black at the ends, not pink, because lets be honest - if your wardrobe doesn't consist solely of Proenzer Scholer and you don't look like that model, there is no way neon-pink hair can work in real life.
Or, and this is something I could seriously consider, leaving my hair its natural very dark brown with the ends dyed - wait for it - grey.

A bit fashion forwards I guess but, going by Nylon magazine's Fashion Week tweets, streaks of grey are going down at Cynthia Rowley and I'm anticipating this trend emerging from the other shows. I can see why - as a colour its chic, pretty, and subtle enough not to limit how you dress. (But if you really were clashing horribly, since its only the ends it could be easily hidden with my go-to style, a messy bun high up on the head).

Grey hair? Will it catch on?



  1. Do it! I dyed the ends of my hair blonde(ish), and I'm so glad I did it x

  2. oh i saw the photos! yours does look lovely. but you know how it is, it will take me a few months to decide for sure ;) ahah x

  3. Haha, yeah. It took me ages to finally do it. Really wish it hadn't xx