a chanel a day keeps the doctor away

I stood in the newsagents, biting my lip and sighing - this was a big decision, and one it was vitally important I got right.

It was a toss-up between Alexa on Elle, or Emma on Vogue. And much as we all love Alexa, this time Emma won out. She is just too cute! I know opinion is split, but personally I think her pixie-cut is brave, adorable, and the perfect mix of sixties mod and right now.
Emma Watson on British Vogue December 2010

Of course, my rash magazine buying does mean this student will be living on bagels and tinned soup until next week...but what stylish lass wouldn't happily trade a few days of food for Emma?
The glossy white and gold cover is so so wintry, I can already see the fairy lights and sequinned cocktail numbers we'll all be whipping out for the Christmas party season.

Sorry, too soon?



  1. I just got my hands on this too - I was unsure about Emma's new hair at first but now I'm totally won over! Not sure she beats Alexa for me though...

    Sally x
    Louder Than Silence

  2. Yeh, I imagine it would take some getting used to! Might be that the styling is so chic here.
    It's tricky, I think Alexa beats her for style but Emma just has such charm..hmm, might have to call this one a draw! :)


  3. Yeah, you are right Emma is just too cute now! I love the new hair :)