introspection sucks, don't do it kids

Tally ho! Was supposed to go to some fireworks tonight, which turned out to not be very good, so we left. It was nice to see people though and so now I am watching QI, doodling in one of my many many many notebooks, drinking tea and making shopping lists.

As a person, I don't feel very defined. You couldn't draw my life. I am too subtle. It doesn't help that I am on a convoluted degree course.
Anyway I'm working on it.

Back home my hair used to mark me out but here its nothing special
so because it is undefined/curls are unpronounced
I'm going to cut my hair
don't know how. I want a fuckoff fringe, like a friend of a friend has.

Also hopefully soon the ballet classes I signed up to will start,
I miss dance being part of my life.
And fingers crossed I get a shiny lomo for christmas,
and next week I will buy pearl lipstick,
and some books that are nothing to do with my work
(and won't feel bad for reading them either)
and although I don't want a job till next year (barwork, please!)
I have at least signed up to hopefully contribute to the student paper

so soon I might be
the girl with the chic backcombed hair
and the sixties makeup
who idly takes photos with her cute camera
and who dances ballet
and reads books on theology, cambridge dons
and the history of ysl

keep those fingers crossed for me, kiddos!



  1. Well, I wish you all the luck in the world becoming the girl with the chic backcombed hair, and the sixties makeup, who idly takes photos with her cute camera, and who dances ballet, and reads books on theology, cambridge dons and the history of ysl. Sounds like it'd be perfect for you x

  2. Do I hear about a lomo camera on the horizon?! :) Ahh, exciting.

  3. its a bit idealistic i guesss but uni has made me want to put effort into who i am, you know? keep your fingers crossed for me vicky ;)

    and yessss nicola! :D hopefully the Diana.

  4. thanks for your comment, i'm really glad you commented because i really like your blog!
    it's so easy to read, "i want a fuckoff fringe" - love it.

    followed m'dear <3

  5. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog sweet! I'll be sure to give yours a proper read tomorrow. Thanks again and have a lovely week (: I've got a post scheduled for tomorrow.

  6. I loved this post. I hope that you can get a wicked fringe and everything else you would like - and I am jealous about the ballet lessons. I miss dancing! Hope you have a great rest of your weekend..great blog!! x

  7. your new haircut idea sounds so bold. i love it! sometimes i wish i could just chop off all my hair spontaneously. however, i would probably be left with tons of regret.

    and you used to do ballet?! i always wanted to take classes as a kid. have fun in your new class! --and with your pearl lipstick. :)

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