you and me in a photo booth, 4


apologies for the lack of posts.
my days have been filled with well I don't know what really...a lot of putting off doing essays! But I am determined not to have loads to do over the christmas hols so its go go go from here! you won't see me because i'll be hidden behind all the smoke coming from my pen!

took a trip to Southampton today (about 40mins/an hour on the train from Pompey) to do a spot of crimbo shopping - we may have underestimated how busy it would be on a saturday, 4 weeks before christmas! but it was still a lovely day even if now all I have the energy to do is curl up, eat my body weight in chocolate eclairs and watch I'm a celeb.

today I fell in love with Zara all over again.

feeling a little more festive now; can't wait for mulled wine, stollen and the Pogues!
it is very cold here, but no snow as of yet. what about where you are?

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  1. Hey just stumbled across your blog. Good luck with all of your work, it'll be well worth it when you have Christmas free to enjoy.