so lets make time work for us

how miserable have I been on this blog of late?
erm, I am heart-stoppingly sorry for my depressing tone :)

Surprisingly, I'm actually not sad! University was a massive shock to the system, especially after I spent all summer avoiding thinking about my imminent departure... but now that I have accepted that this is my new life, it is all going swimmingly. In fact I have been rather busy of late, just doing student things, you know, things involving Jezza Kyle and jaegerbombs and Tesco and Orange Wednesdays and assignments and d
ettol and dubstep. Not all at once, you understand.
Hence the lack of blog activity/unenthusiastic posting.
Also, I am studying creative writing and I don't know if this will make any sense when written down, but I put so much of my creative energy into my work that I feel pretty much sapped of all my best ideas when it comes to free time! This is lazy and slatternly and not acceptable behaviour, for which I apologize.

It has been nice to spend a bit of time catching up on all my favorite blogs though, whilst eating leftover chocolate apples from Halloween and daydreaming about the day I will be able to afford some lipstick from Topshop's new makeup range. I suppose if I didn't eat for a few days...

I am back, I am feeling good, and ready to blog blog blog my way through my first year at Portsmouth.


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