it's that ancient love, that you won't outgrow

Firstly, I hope you all enjoyed Christmas as much as I did?!
A couple of days before Christmas I did manage to skid my way up to the hairdressers and do thiiiiis


I also got to see my beautiful girls, where we took a trip to the german market in Birmingham - and ate the worlds nicest garlic bread - then had a night out in my native Worcester - where we drank the worlds nicest pitchers. Why do all my adventures involve consuming food of some kind? 

Anyway, as for Christmas day itself I certainly had a beautiful day avec le fam, and ate my body weight in fruit cake and wenslydale, and realized how odd some of my family really are, and watched TV you wouldn't watch at any other time of the year, and wore an awful jumper, and took photographs of the snow (which I haven't uploaded yet because I was far too busy, you know, being festive) and ate even more food. Festive photos to come, in time.
And I know Christmas isn't about the presents but I really did receive some gorgeous presents this year, my darling being this
lomography diana f+ dreamer camera
which I have only been saving up for for, ooh, 2 years? My parents found it painful to watch, and gave in.

To be honest, the best thing about this Christmas has been being home. It sounds soppy, but what with this being the first time I've lived anywhere but the house I grew up in, it is nice to know it is always here for me to come back to. Family is what its all about really

Any Christmas revelations from you lot? Did any of you receive a favorite gift, or do something beautiful? Under one week until new years!!


  1. LIZZIE! Your hair is lovely! It really suits you! And I'm also loving your new camera. I wouldn't have minded one of those. Sounds like you had a perfect Christmas x

  2. thankyou! doesnt look quite so sleek now i've had to style it myself haha ;) hope you had a nice one too x

  3. such a pretty camera, are you shooting on 120 film? :) and did it come with a flash. :) also, nice hair! :)

  4. im in love with it!! yes i am using 120 film, but no flash :( so daytime use only at the mo! haha.
    also, nice to briefly see you the other night! :)

  5. ah sweet, i'm shooting my first roll of 120 at the moment too! i can't wait to see your first photos. :)
    nice seeing you too, even if it was in a darkened room, i think the last time i saw you before that was also in velvet too. i think we're making a habit of this. aha. ;)