"It's my Buddy Holly look." "...good."

I kind of have this habit of getting to movies ages after they come out (for instance, I only just watched and loved An Education...behind much?). This is partly because I don't manage to get to the cinema much when they come out, and partly a deliberate choice in case all the hype raises my expectations too high. But mainly, I think its just luck.

Well then, this time I lucked out. This evening I watched Nowhere Boy, directed, of course, by Sam Taylor-Wood and starring Aaron Johnson. For anyone who has missed its meteoric presence, Nowhere Boy is the story of John Lennons early life - mainly when he's around 15/16.

Now I'm not really a fan of the Beatles - cue shocked gasps - I like their music and totally accept their importance, but generally I just don't have a feeling one way or another. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I didn't come to this film as a superfan, but to my delight found that that is perfect, because this film isn't about the Beatles at all. It's about the formation of John Lennons first band The Yardmen, his relationship with his Aunt and Mother, and how he arrived at music in the first place.

So as a result it's a bit soppy in places, perhaps a little drawn out, but these moments are fleeting because I found myself being absolutely blown away by the visual of the whole film. Its SO 1950s Britain that its almost painful - it is beautiful. Every scene has been thought about, every shot framed with the care of a work of art. I love anything deliberately stylized, and this was clearly filmed with the overall in mind.

And if I may, on a shallow note, the clothes? Incredible. If only there were more guys around who committed to that look, gosh.
This is one film that totally lives up to its hype.

Oh, and by the way, Thomas Sangster (yeh, the cute kid from Love Actually and that episode of Dr Who) is all grown up, and PHENOMINAL. What a talent. I know he's a teenager now, and I swear when he's an adult he's going to have massive success.


  1. I watched this movie and I loved it. I am a Beatle fan. But that's not the only reason I watched it. I did because it's the story of one of the best artists in the world! And it talks about the Beatles, without mention the word "Beatle". I think Aaron Johnson and Thomas Sangster are fantastic as John Lennon and Paul McCartney. I have no words to describe "Nowhere Boy".

  2. what a lovely, succinct, articulate review :)