the new romantic

Somebody want to buy me a frilly blouse? Pretty please?
I will flutter my eyelashes no end.

They're just soo pretty, oversized and sheer with skinny jeans, cute and plain tucked into high-waisted chinos, or sleeveless with a little skirt for idyllic summer sweet. Ruffles are just so romantic, unashamedly girly, but in a sophisticated way. I think.

Whether it be sleeveless cotton a la Emma at Glastonbury yesterday...

...daringly sheer bibbed glamour from Florence Welch...

...or my personal favorite, this Topshop concoction, which I am coveting so badly right now...

I know I don't normally do fashion item-specific I WANT THIS blogs, because theyre unhelpful and shallow, but I COULDN'T HELP MYSELF.
Was that too much?



  1. I love your blog! :) Found it through your bbc - always like this video on youtube! I think your blogs are very inspiring :) I'm from The Netherlands by the way! x

  2. love loose blouses too :)
    the topshop one is hot..I want it too !

    great post and thanks for commenting <3