the obligatory style icons post

Every girl has style icons, fact. And most girls also know that people on the street are usually the best way to find on-the-fly inspiration - street style blogs are big news right now, oh hello Lookbook.nu. Gorgeous as a single piece may be, its the creative way they are thrown together that really makes an outfit.

However for those of us who live in the middle of nowhere, miles from a soho bar full of trendies, we shouldn't be ashamed to say we take fashion inspiration from cute celebs. Celebrities are the perfect pioneers of new trends; and wear the designer clothes that we mere mortals covet but cannot afford. We precariously live our style-lives through them.

So with that in mind, here are some of the famous faces who I just cannot get enough of.

Fearne Cotton
Oh did someone say indie? The Peter-Pan collar dress, the knee high socks, the lace up boots and the parker. It shouldn't work, but somehow it does.
Fearne was wearing cute little socks with high heels WAY before everyone else picked up on it, and she currently posts poloroid-style shots of her daily outfits on her radio 1 page, displaying an awful lot of vintage, with way more daring than I'd imagained. She designs her own range for very.co.uk with bestie Holly Willhouby (she didn't make my list, but you can't deny she has class..plus, can I get an 'awhh' for celeb best friends? so cute.) and did I mention the enviable lifestyle of hanging backstage at festivals and having a hit radio show? This summer I'll be getting out the eyeliner flicks and sheer blouses in support of the lovely lady herself.

Edie Sedgwick

Think that Gaga was the first to parade around in just a leotard and patterned tights? Then you'd be wrong. Way back in the swinging sixties, socialite Edie Sedgwick shunned her upper-class family to start a new life in New York city, eventually becoming the muse of the Andy Warhol. I mean, hello? Surely that's more like a storyline from a movie than a persons actual life!
Edie was the first 'it' girl; her style was all about the mod silhouette; pixie cropped hair, massive earrings, crochet tops and miles of leg. Swirling through life trying to see the beauty in everything - now that is a style icon.

Florence Welch

Seriously? Need I explain further?
Show me any other human being with the grace and elegance of the mighty Flo, I dare you. Despite the obvious kookiness (wonder-woman red tresses, amazonian legs and whiter than porcelain skin), Florence manages to mix fabulous pieces, coming out with a soft/wearable look, rather than harsh-catwalk. The lines between stagewear and daywear are blurred here, I wouldn't rule out her wearing that leather hotpants/cape ensemble to Tescos, but I know both involve a lot of tea-dresses and a good helping of glitter.
She has been known to saunter about in her grandmothers silk wedding dress, & stage dive in a vintage kaftan, plus in Vogue a while ago she admitted to owning 2 feather capes. Respect.

Emma Watson

Whenever I mention the Harry Potter actress in conversations about style icons, she always seems to divide opinions. I've had people tell me she comes across as 'thick', 'spoiled', or they just plain don't get what all the fuss is about. So I've been thinking hard to write this, why do I admire her so much? And the only conclusion I can come to, apart from the personal opinion that I think she's pretty, is that I see her as quintessentially British.
I have a bit of a weakness for Burberry's short macs and sweet dresses, so what with her recent stint as a model in their print campaigns I was sold. She's a part of a fashion world I so admire, cocktail dresses at Cartier polo and oversized shirts on the street, plus she gets to run around on a movie set for a living. I think maybe the fact that she has grown up in front of our eyes, instead of making me think 'why is she so special' makes me think 'that could be anyone'...see the distinction? Either way, its my list. So she's on it. ;)

Marina Diamandis

Marina (of Marina and the Diamonds fame...obviously) seems to be singlehandedly reinventing the old fashioned movie star look, but best of all she has a sense of humour with it. Born with a heady mix of Welsh and Greek heritage she was never going to be plain, but I find with her it seems to be the subtle details that make her looks memorable. As well as being incredibly talented, she is bringing back the Bambi-lashed, doe-eyed pin up look, making it okay for you to want to look like a popstar again. Plus, she's a brunette with no pretence of being otherwise.

I also think its fair to say that I am majorly inspired by Paloma Faith, Alexa Chung, Blake Lively, Eva Green, Clemence Poesy, the rolled up jeans up Jack Steadman and Jonny Peirce...the list could go on. But this would take up the whole page if I got carried away... =/

Reading back all these posts, it seems that I haven't picked all of these women just because I like their clothes...they wear them well, they say intelligent things and they live interesting lives. Guess its true what they say. You can buy fashion, but you can't buy style.

I want to know, who are your style icons?



  1. I love Marina and the Diamonds - I feel like she makes it "cool" to be curvy, whatever cool may be
    Her kooky dress sense inspires me for sure, as it reminds me that curvy (this is, hourglass figure, not nessecarily plus size), can be original and quirky, and seems to dress to please herself, to which I say, go sistaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3 <3 <3

    I love your writing, and you seem to have eloquently listed some of my fashion icons to a T, though my list would inevitably spin into my girlcrush for Gaga, woops


  2. aah yes, I know exactly what you mean about dressing for herself. Wish I was at gutsy as her in my own dress sense! ;)

    thanks for the comments, and i just checked out your blog - its super sweet, I will definitely following you.