18 before 19.

Inspired by the beautiful
Delightfully Tacky I doodled this list in my diary.. 18 things to do before I turn 19. I have been 18 for an incredible 7 months now (woah there!) so it perhaps would have been more effective if I had made it when I actually had a year to complete these things... oh well!

I wonder if I will manage all these things in the next five months? I can tick a couple off already, but I think its fine if some of them roll over onto my '19 before 20' list
I don't know about you but I have sooooo many long term goals, things like what job I want, and how I envision my life in ten years time, blah blah blah... properly LONG TERM things that I have my whole life to achieve. And often that makes me feel overwhelmed by all the stuff I should be doing to make that perfect life come true. But it seems the truth is you can't plan for the perfect life to happen. I know where I would like to end up, but doing lots of fun little things along the way is what life is actually about, surely.

Enough rambling.

18 before 19 list
1. cut my hair off
2. get, and learn to use, a real film camera
3. break 20 followers on my blog
4. read all the books on my 'books to read' list
5. find a nice boy
learn how to cook a new meal
add to vintage collection
8. learn to type better

9. make a skirt

10. see a band who I really really really like
11. find some high heeled shoes I can walk in

12. tell my best friends how much I love them

13. sort somewhere to live next year

14. finish first look book

15. start a second look book

16. paint a canvas, it's been too long

17. find some vintage babycham glasses

18. feel ok about being at uni
TURN 19!

:) What would your list be??



  1. i'm going to do this too. it's a brilliant idea. :)

  2. i'm going to do this too! except i'm old...21 next :|

  3. ooh i look forward to seeing them both
    and don't be silly - 21 is a spring chicken! :)


  4. number 5 is for sure on my list!x

  5. Your list sounds so exciting and adventurous! My birthday is coming up in December but so far, I haven't really made a list yet. I'm thinking about going away somewhere new but we'll see. xxoxoxoxo

  6. this is such a lovely idea. i can tick off a few things on your list! maybe I'll make my own. thank you for your lovely comment




  7. Aw, this is awesome! I really need to make a list like this too! I might do it for new years instead of before I turn 25! Eeeep!

  8. This is a great list! I really don't know what I'd put on mine. Anyway, I hope you accomplish each and every one of these things :)